Next generation Project Managers: Success Tips For Getting Ahead and Working Together

By Kamil Mroz
Managing Director, European Centre for Project Excellence

According to PMI, through 2020, 1.57 million new project management jobs will be created every year worldwide and so the 21st century is full of opportunities to launch a career in Project Management. However, the future of Project Management will not be based on the status quo, but rather on quickly adapting to the characteristics of the 21st century, which are: Diversity, Ambiguity, Complexity, Rapidly Changing and Inter-dependence. We must learn to appreciate them and leverage them in our daily lives to be successful young project managers.

This presentation is based on lessons learned, tips and advice from my journey of breaking into Project Management as a profession in the 21st century. This journey has been defined by adapting to the above mentioned characteristics and striking the balance between the arts (PM soft skills), science (PM methodologies), but above all, practical PM experience (professional, volunteer work, student experiences and building bridges between generations). I will propose various tips for young aspiring Project Managers as a recipe for success to 21st century Project Management, but also practical ways for more experienced/veteran Project Managers to understand how to work together with the next generation Project Managers.

The success tips for breaking into the Project Management Profession include:

  • Get out of your comfort zone and be a volunteer Project Manager.
  • Get certified and know the science of Project Management.
  • Practice soft skills and develop emotional intelligence (the art of PM).
  • Embrace change and the millennial mindset because millennials are about change.
  • Technology has become a game changer – use it to your advantage.
  • Find a mentor and build bridges between generations.

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