How customer experience is changing the way we manage projects

By Georgi Kamov
Consultant, Motivational speaker, Partner,

Change. We live in a world where mere products and services are not enough. Your customers want experiences that leave a lasting impression. Simply stating “Customer is king” is no longer valid” – now customer experience is king. And it cannot be managed the way we used to manufacture on the assembly line.

Challenge. The customers used to be the job of customer service departments. No more – when meeting specs, shipping on time and ticking all the boxes are no longer competitive advantages, you don’t simply need better customer service. You need whole customer-centric organizations, based on creativity, initiative and seizing opportunities.

Opportunity. If project managers want to be successful in today’s environment, they need to infuse focus on customer experience during the whole project cycle. The criteria for success are changing – before it was enough to manage a project well. Complete it on time, within requirements, within budget and seek efficiency and quality and all is well. Now, clients want to be impressed, amazed, surprised – in both B2B and B2C. Project managers are now corporate culture managers.

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