The Choice of 21-Century Organizations: to Transform or not to Be?

By Zornitsa Nikolova
Agile Coach, Trainer & Practitioner, Leanify Ltd.

The current generation of talents consists of pro-active, innovative, engaged with causes and ready to fight for them professionals.

What are the characteristics of the organizations that are capable of attracting and retaining such people:

  • Leadership, culture, way of thinking, communication, organizational culture.
  • The new organizational types – holacracy, sociocracy.
  • From a “win-lose” mindset to a “win-win-win” mindset (individual-client-company)

The main challenge to traditional companies and leaders is to transform in order to be competitive.

Successful organizations in the 21st century are different than those we knew in the 20th century. In this presentation we are going to discuss:

  • What these differences are and how they are driven by a number of changes that are happening globally.
  • To adapt to the current environment, organizations have to transform completely – from their structure and processes to their culture and mindset.
  • Transformation happens more effectively when it is championed and role-modelled by leaders. However, this is not obligatory – everyone can be a catalyst and trigger a positive change within the organization

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